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Boxing Day Sales: Top 10 Tips

16th December 2016

What better time to hit the shops than the Boxing Day Sales. It's the perfect time to snap up some bargains and get the pieces you've had your eyes on for months!

  1. Plan your shopping trip

A targeted approach is needed when shopping on Boxing Day. Rather than wandering aimlessly through the crowds, know which shops have sales and what time the store opens. This way you will shop much more effectively and snap up the bargains!

  1. Arrive early

The earlier the better when it comes to Boxing Day sales as you will have the pick of the best stock!

  1. Don't bother trying things on

Queues for the changing rooms will be extra long and stressful. Wear layers so you can put clothing over what you are wearing. Another option is to try things on prior to Boxing Day, that way you know your sizes before hitting the sales.

  1. Be decisive

If your in doubt over an item, pick it up and hold onto it whilst walking around looking at other things. This way you won't be disappointed when another shopper snaps up the sale item.

  1. Eat before you go

You don't want to be held back by a rumbling stomach. Eat something substantial before shopping and take snacks and water with you.

  1. Don't buy something for the sake of it

How many of us have bought a product in the sale and never worn/ used it? Before purchasing, think is the item going to be worn/ used or will it end up at the back of a cupboard? It's certainly not a bargain if it never gets used. 

  1. Set a budget

Resist the temptation to overspend! Set out a budget in advance and stick to it. Remember to be wary of the 'buy one get one half price' offer unless your going in with a friend. 

  1. buy for next Christmas/ look for presents

You will snap up bargains on items such as Christmas cards, gift wrap and gift boxes. Boxing Day sales are also great for finding presents for next Christmas and Birthdays throughout the year. 

  1. Online shopping? Get your refresh fingers at the ready

Speed is key when it comes to Boxing Day sales shopping online. Your bound to experience some websites crashing, items going missing from your basket and the spinning wheel of death. But keep calm and don't let the refresh button out of your sight.

  1. Changed your mind? Know your return rights

Some stores have a different return policy on sale items so check your return rights before buying anything your unsure of. 


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